WELCOME to the Department of Bioorganic Compounds and Nanocomposites website.

In our research, we combine multidisciplinary approaches to prepare advanced dendritic macromolecules, bioorganic compounds and composite materials. One of the key topics is a design and synthesis of novel dendrimers, dendritic and hyperbranched molecules, and molecular wedges with accurate molecular weight. Such products are studied as drug delivery systems, nonviral vectors of therapeutic siRNA/DNA sequences, and as components of advanced composite materials.

Further, we synthesize fluorinated saccharides, glycosides and their multivalent analogs. Fluorinated saccharides play a crucial role in glycobiology, among others, as enzyme inhibitors, model compounds for the investigation of the saccharide interactions with proteins, and as modifiers of cellular glycom.

In the field of material chemistry, we utilize branched dendritic wedges as components of hybrid organic-inorganic composites. This research has great potential for discovering innovative solutions with applicability in catalytic and sorption processes gentle to the environment.